“If the order of agenda items change, even at the last minute, you simply click and drag the item to its new place, and the software automatically renumbers everything and moves all attachments with the agenda items. This program is very easy-to-use, and we are very happy with it.”


– Christy Knapp
Senior Executive Assistant, Community Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

HOW TO: Creating a shortcut on the AppleŽ iPad™ Home Screen

Simply click the Actions icon and choose Add to Home Screen.

An icon appears on your Home screen enabling "one click" access to your BoardDocs solution.

If you experience an issue try deleting the shortcut and recreating.

To delete a Home Screen shortcut on your iPad:

  1. Touch and hold the BoardDocs icon until it jiggles and an appears.
  2. Tap the to delete the shortcut.
  3. Press the Home Button once to finish.