“If the order of agenda items change, even at the last minute, you simply click and drag the item to its new place, and the software automatically renumbers everything and moves all attachments with the agenda items. This program is very easy-to-use, and we are very happy with it.”


– Christy Knapp
Senior Executive Assistant, Community Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

BoardDocs Technology Keeps Soldier on the School Board Overseas

John Sedlock is truly a civil servant. Even when he was deployed to serve in Afghanistan this American did not shirk his duties as a school board member at the Liberty Public School District in Liberty, Missouri.

BoardDocs, a new system for online board meetings, allowed Sedlock to receive his board packet while in Afghanistan. Even with the distance, all documents were available to him through the online portal of BoardDocs, email and teleconferencing. Board Meetings in Liberty, Missouri took place at 4:30 AM Afghanistan time and Sedlock attended every meeting except one, which ironically was training in paperless board meetings.

According to a news article published last week in the KC Community News, Sedlock helped the district advance the technology of its board meetings by using the internet to send and receive board material. The district has now implemented BoardDocs to make all documents available online. BoardDocs allowed Sedlock to proceed through the meeting live as if he were there.

A news article in the KC Community News quotes Liberty’s Superintendent as saying that Sedlock inspired the district to use BoardDocs.

"Since we had to send all information to John in an electronic format, the rest of the board felt they needed to move in that direction as well," Wright said. "His experience moved us in a much more proactive direction with technology."

Sedlock, a US Navel Reserve commander, was met by his family, friends and Liberty School District employees at Kansas City International Airport, November 2, 2007 when he arrived home.

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