About the BoardDocs Policy Management Console

Now Associations Can Maximize Efficiency, Better Connect with Members and Generate More Revenue!

Designed for associations of public governing bodies, BoardDocs’ Policy Management Console makes delivering and managing policy services more efficient, more effective and more profitable. This user-friendly solution helps leverage the latest technology to provide important policy services, including:

• Publication, maintenance and delivery of Association Policies
• Delivery of policy news publications and updates
• Hosting of policies for each association member
• M
anagement of tasks assigned to policy team


All backed by the same technology that enables boards to dramatically reduce staff time, improve board effectiveness and increase transparency in governance, while saving tens of millions of taxpayer dollars annually!


It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since we launched the policy management system! We are especially appreciative of the recent addition of the “download all” function. End user feedback has been very positive as well. We look forward to continuing to partner with BoardDocs."
– Heidi Maynard, J.D.
Director, Policy and Legal Services, Washington State School Directors' Association


Associations can easily publish and maintain active sets of Association Policies. Designated staff can easily collaborate on the development of policies in draft format. Once finalized, policy status changes to “active” and the policy is available to subscribers of their service.

Advanced workflow allows designated policy analysts to quickly publish notices, news and updates at any time to subscribers of the news service. Publications can be formatted as native Web documents and/or rich PDF documents. The service also supports links to active policies, supporting resources and even attachments.

Policy Hosting
Associations can easily provide hosting for their members. Each will have a dedicated database and BoardDocs Policy Console instance where any sample policy can be copied into a draft policy. The association can privately collaborate on these policies and be informed of progress during the development process. Once adopted, the policy is available to stakeholders online; members of the public do not need a user name or password for access.

Task Management
Associations can easily manage internal workload with the console task management system. Designated staff can create task queues and roles consistent with association workflow. Tasks can then be assigned to policy team members and tracked to completion.

The Management Console
Associations can access all features via the BoardDocs Management Console. This console provides the ability to manage membership subscriptions by service, distribute and manage association policies and publications, collaborate with members, manage policy team tasks and generate usage reports.

Emerald Data Solutions will maintain, host and support this solution in our cloud-based, multi-site, hosting environment. The services run as Web apps on any device with a contemporary browser and Internet connectivity. Content is delivered in two ways: a BoardDocs instance assigned to each subscriber and/or to users via the Association's Web site. On-site training and senior project management will be provided during the implementation phase and followed by BoardDocs' 7 x 24, toll-free, US-based Technical Support.


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