“If the order of agenda items change, even at the last minute, you simply click and drag the item to its new place, and the software automatically renumbers everything and moves all attachments with the agenda items. This program is very easy-to-use, and we are very happy with it.”


– Christy Knapp
Senior Executive Assistant, Community Hospital, Grand Junction, CO

Bronxville Board of Education Goes Green with BoardDocs

The Daily Eastchester (Bronxville, NY)

by Louise Snedeker

Bronxville schools are going green and saving a tree. The district announced Monday that it would no longer compile, print, bind or distribute paper agenda packets.

Instead, the district signed up for eGovernance, on a program called Board Docs, which will be linked to the district's website.

The new program will make agendas and supporting documents available on the Internet. Bronxville schools will be able distribute documents associated with board meetings more quickly and efficiently, at a dramatically reduced cost to the district.

According to the announcement, electronic distribution will not only save time and resources, it will also provide unprecedented public access via the Bronxville School District's website to agenda items and other board-related information. The process will allow interested parties to review information prior to board meetings. After the meeting, individuals can review the agenda items and see what action was taken by the board, complete with voting results. All documents associated with the meeting are automatically archived and can be accessed by meeting date or by using the system's search feature.

Bronxville schools will also use the BoardDocs technology to publish the policies and procedures of the district online for the public to easily view. Previously, paper versions of the manuals were distributed and maintained throughout the district. Now, by publishing online, the district will ensure that all interested parties have access to the most current and historical meeting information immediately.

According to the announcement, online distribution will also drastically reduce the expense of distributing policies and procedures.

The new eGovernance features can be accessed via the district's Web site at www.bronxville.k12.ny.us.