About BoardDocs Plus

One Subscription. Exclusive Services for your Board and all Committees

BoardDocs has always supported unlimited types of meetings for different committees. Now, with BoardDocs Plus, each governing body can have separate confidential meetings, separate document managers and separate administrative access. Through Plus, BoardDocs services provide a granular level of security so that only authenticated users in each group can access their meetings, agenda items or even parts of an agenda item. No other solution offers that level of flexibility or security.

For example, a city with a City Council, Public Safety Commission, Zoning Commission, Board of Ethics and Citizen Review Commission can each have documents submitted by their own staff, have a dedicated document manager and maintain separate meetings that are secure from other committees. Each commission can decide the level of detail to release to stakeholder groups individually.

The BoardDocs Plus code also has a set of usability features that will benefit all subscribers. While large organizations will appreciate the multi-board features, the new editor and enhanced attachment management are just two of the improvements that will benefitall users.

BoardDocs Plus for LT
The ideal solution for smaller organizations with multiple governing bodies that need a separate, secure and comprehensive suite of services for each group. LT Plus provides the power of Pro Plus, without all of the features larger organizations often require. BoardDocs LT Plus extends LT features and benefits to all groups. For a complete listing of LT features, CLICK HERE.

BoardDocs Plus for Pro
Pro Plus includes the most comprehensive suite of board managementtools available for organizations with multiple groups that need to operate independently. No other solution provides this level of security, functionality and ease of use. BoardDocs Pro Plus extends Pro features and benefits to all groups. For a complete listing of Pro features, CLICK HERE.

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